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Our Service Halls

Mount Vernon Sanctuary presents 6 fully furnished service halls to commemorate the bereaved loved one in a dignified and peaceful setting. Halls can be also efficiently combined to create space for larger groups of people. When all 6 halls are combined, it can accommodate up to 600 guests.

Grace Service Hall

Featuring high ceilings and spacious grounds, this Service Hall is able to accommodate up to 200 guests at any one time. Its majestic setting makes it ideal to hold a grand memorial service.

Singapore Funeral Home | Panoramic View of Grace Hall Panaromic View of Grace Service Hall Funeral Home | Grace Hall Grace Hall

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Purity Service Hall

Choose Purity for a personal setting to reminisce the memories held close to heart of the bereaved loved one. Purity is separated from Cherish by a custom made acoustic divider and is able to accommodate up to 90 guests.

Mount Vernon Singapore | Purity Hall Purity Hall Singapore Mount Vernon | Purity Service Hall Purity Service Hall

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Cherish Service Hall

With ample carpark spaces at the door step of Cherish as well as having a spacious porch, it is suitable for medium sized group of family and friends. This hall can accommodate up to 90 guests.

Singapore Funeral Parlour | Cherish Hall Cherish Service Hall Funeral Parlour Singapore | Cherish Service Hall Cherish Service Hall

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Harmony Service Hall

This hall can accommodate up to 50 guests. Harmony is situated at the heart of the building, providing much privacy for family and guests to gather.

Funeral Parlour | Harmony Hall Harmony Service Hall Harmony Service Hall

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Serenity Service Hall

Embrace the splendor of nature as you honour your loved one. Large glass windows and panels allow natural lighting into the hall and one is able to bask in the green surroundings. Serenity is able to accommodate up to 80 guests.

Funeral Singapore | Serenity Hall Serenity Service Hall Mount Vernon | Serenity Service Hall Serenity Service Hall

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Tranquility Service Hall

At Tranquility, you will be surrounded by lush greenery and natural lighting. With the restrooms a stone throw away and a private family room, Tranquility is ideal for families. It can accomodate up to 70 guests.

Crematorium Singapore | Tranquility Hall Tranquility Service Hall Funeral Home Singapore | Tranquility Service Hall Tranquility Service Hall
Singapore Crematorium  | Tranquility Hall Picture Tranquility Service Hall  

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