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Our Commitment

Mount Vernon Sanctuary aims to provide convenience and comfort for all families and guests. We believe in going the extra mile to allow bereaved families to put their minds at ease.

We offer 24/7 service. Families can check in at any time of day and are entrusted with keys to the funeral parlour for them to manage their own time. We provide a dedicated Facilities Manager on-site to assist with additional, or special, requests.

A team of experienced and professional cleaners maintain the quality cleanliness of the parlours and toilets.

Mount Vernon Sanctuary welcomes all funeral companies to utilize our funeral parlours to offer quality services with serenity, privacy and flexibility of space to bereaved families.

Great Location

Car Park

Parking is complimentary to families and guests in front of Mount Vernon Sanctuary parlours.

Security Surveillance

Security is a top concern for us to all families using our funeral parlours. Mount Vernon Sanctuary is under constant 24/7 surveillance by high resolution security cameras placed at strategic locations. We assure our best efforts in that all security precautions are taken to provide the highest level of safety and comfort for families and guests. Our Facilities Manager is on call to attend to any matters that may arise and requires his attention.

No Restriction on Closing/ Viewing Times

At Mount Vernon Sanctuary’s funeral parlours, you are not restricted by time. We go against conventional practice where families must leave by 11pm. We provide a set of the funeral parlour keys to families. This allows you the flexibility in managing your time in the parlours and not having to worry about receiving guests after 11pm.


We provide shower facilities as an added convenience for family members who stay overnight. These small, but important additions, makes Mount Vernon Sanctuary the funeral parlour of choice for bereaved families.

Family Rooms

Family rooms are attached to Mount Vernon Sanctuary funeral parlours. These fully air-conditioned partitioned rooms allow families to stow their personal belongings, rest in private, to catch a nap or for those who stay overnight.

A plush sofa bed with a blanket and quilt welcomes the tired, while the coffee table and cushions provide an ideal place for private discussions.

Comfort and Convenience

Full Wi-Fi coverage with high speed Internet connectivity is provided throughout the vicinity of Mount Vernon Sanctuary. This allows families and guests to remain connected locally and globally. Our fully air-conditioned funeral parlours provide a cool retreat from the tropical Singapore climate.

Fully Furnished Halls

Tastefully furnished with designer tables and banquet chairs, the light-colored furniture accentuates the warm lighting and pastel walls, providing a welcoming and comforting ambience. Furniture settings can be arranged to fit the requirements of the family or the number of guests in the funeral parlours.


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