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Go Green With Mount Vernon Sanctuary!

Why do we want to GO GREEN?

As the world’s population continues to increase at an alarming rate, this will and has put a strain on planet Earth's resources and cause pollution. For the good of our future generations, there is an urgency to save Mother Earth. Thus Mount Vernon Sanctuary has decided and pledges to conserve and protect the remaining resources that Mother Earth has to offer to mankind.

We invite you to join us through small yet significant ways to save our dear planet Earth:

  1. Switch off the air-conditioner when the hall is not utilised.
  2. If the weather is cool, turn on the fans or open the windows to save on electricity usage.
  3. Throw litter in designated waste bins to curb pollution.
  4. To use half-flush when using the toilet.
  5. Remember to turn off the tap after use.

Some of Our Green Efforts

All our basin taps are installed with sensors and are timed to flow for a short while before it stops. This conserves water and encourages people to only use what they require.

Two of our restrooms are special. They are equipped with sensors that will only turn on the lights and ventilation fans if someone steps into the restroom. These sensors essentially help to reduce carbon footprint.

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