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Our Mission

“To be the best funeral parlour provider, offering quality and professional services to the community and bereavement industry .”

Mount Vernon Sanctuary offers a conducive and peaceful environment for families and friends to come together to have a final and dignified service for their dearly departed.


Always true to its tradition of excellence in serving families with innovative concepts in designing and creating heart-warming surroundings, Mount Vernon Sanctuary is the result of a year of careful and intricate planning.

In January 2020, we are privileged to present two well-appointed funeral parlours for bereavement purposes. In Mount Vernon Sanctuary, we combine our customized and attentive services with the tranquility, serenity and dignity that the old Mount Vernon Sanctuary traditionally offers. It is the ideal place for families and friends for private wakes or services.

Our Team

We give you a strong and dedicated team of professional experience and youth, delivering outstanding services to families and funeral companies across Singapore.

How We Started

Previously, the plot of land and building where Mount Vernon Sanctuary occupied used to be Mount Vernon Crematorium. When we took it over, the single colonial style building on 11,500 sq ft of land, had been unoccupied for 5 years and the condition was poor.

We chose to maintain and preserve the rustic feel of the European facade and we worked to ensure that preservation was done. The historical set of prayer pews were painstakingly refurbished to its former glory and provided to families for their use.  The available area was divided into six 6-star funeral service halls. Walls were removed, and rooms merged, to turn the funeral parlours into what they are today.

With Mount Vernon Sanctuary now re-open, we are determined to preserve the key aesthetics that brought so much comfort to families using the old Mount Vernon Sanctuary. We use natural lighting to give families feelings of space and light. The lighting in every parlour has been specially chosen to reflect an elegant mood. Warm lighting is used to create a soothing  atmosphere. The end result is a dignified facility that looks magnificent at night.

Uniquely designed soundproof walls and separation doors ensure families in one parlour have distinct privacy from the other parlour. Furthermore, when the need arises, the two funeral parlours can be effectively combined through a connecting door to form an area large enough for up to 120 guests. In addition, the two funeral parlours can be effectively combined into one through a connecting door to form one large funeral parlour for up to 120 guests.


May 1

Asia Funeral Expo (AFE) Awards 2012, under the category of Funeral Home

The Asia Funeral Expo (AFE) in Hong Kong is well attended by funeral companies and professional from Asia region, as well as funeral directors from USA and Europe. The is the first ever AFE Awards, which evaluates all the best practices in the region. We are proud for being recognized for our efforts, and was the first funeral company in Singapore to win this award. (LINK)

July 1

Awarded 4 stars for our toilets by the Restroom Association of Singapore (RAS)

RAS (Restroom Association [Singapore]) awards Mount Vernon Sanctuary Pte Ltd, a 4-Stars ratings for Better Public Toilets in Singapore, for Cleanliness, Green Design and Functionality. Date of award: July 2011.

May 1

Water Efficient Building by the Public Utilities Board (PUB)

In appreciation of Mount Vernon Sanctuary Pte Ltd for running a Water Efficient Building. This recognition was given by PUB on 13 May 2011. This is in recognition for energy saving and water saving features incorporated in our building design. (LINK)

April 1

Friends of Water Award by the Public Utilities Board (PUB)

PUB welcomes Mount Vernon Sanctuary Pte Ltd as a Friend of Water on 15 April 2011. This is in recognition of our contributions towards maintaining the sustainability of Singapore’s water supply. (LINK)

June 4

MVS is sighted on more prominent Newpapers

Mount Vernon Sanctuary is again honoured to be mentioned in two prominent Chinese Newspapers

June 4

Site Viewing Conducted for Funeral Operators

Mount Vernon Sanctuary invited fellow Funeral Operators to have a site viewing of the premise on 4 and 5 June 2010. These were conducted to help funeral companies in Singapore to better understand what we offered.

June 1

Official Opening

Mount Vernon Sanctuary officially opened for booking on 1 June 2010.

May 31

Our First Client – 31 May 2010

On 31 May 2010, Harmony Service Hall was the first hall to be utilized.

May 29

MVS’s first newspaper article

Mount Vernon Sanctuary was first mentioned in The Straits Times on 29 May 2010.

December 29

IRO Blessing Ceremony

MVS invited religious leaders from the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) to conduct a blessing ceremony at Mount Vernon Sanctuary (MVS). It is a delightful sight to see the different religious groups gathered together; something which may not be seen in other countries. We are glad that IRO is established in Singapore to promote unity, harmony and understanding among different religions.

Why Go Green?

As the world’s population continues to increase at an alarming rate, this will and has put a strain on planet Earth’s resources and cause pollution. For the good of future generations, there is an urgency to save Mother Earth. Thus Mount Vernon Sanctuary has decided and pledges to conserve and protect the remaining resources that Mother Earth has to offer to mankind.

We invite you to join us through small, yet significant ways, to save our dear planet Earth:

  • Switch off the air-conditioner when the parlour is not utilised.
  • If the weather is cool, switch off the air-conditioner and turn on the fans or open the doors to save on electricity usage.
  • Throw litter in designated waste bins to curb pollution.
  • Whenever possible, use only the half-flush when using the toilet.
  • Remember to turn off the tap after use.

Some of Our Green Efforts

All our basin taps are installed with sensors and are timed to flow for a short while before it stops. This conserves water and encourages people to only use what they require.

Two of our restrooms are special. They are equipped with motion sensors that will only turn on the lights and ventilation fans if someone steps into the restroom. These sensors essentially help to reduce the carbon footprint.

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